While my art travels the country from California to Florida, I am in my favorite place, home. I am the master homebody, loving my comfort and solitary time. This past year has forced me out of the house for an office job. But it has also made me use the time at home with more determination to find out what I want to say next through my art. After all, that is how I speak to the world.

My social media embroideries were born out of my children, Their ever growing independence inspired me to watch with fascination as they played their lives out online.

Now they are all gone. Off to college or whatever comes after. And I feel it is time to look more inward for my muse.

I spent a good deal of time on a piece that was simply a still life of clean laundry. The laundry being a metaphor for motherhood, nurturing and caring for my family. The lonely mound somehow represented the loss and futility of my current domestic state. I envisioned a series of laundry piles all embroidered with care as if they were no less than a Cezanne still life. And then framed in ornate frames only something very important would ever be framed in. They might even have a name plaque attached “The Whites”, “The Darks”, “Argyle Socks”. Still love the idea but the execution was grueling and tedious. Not sure I can continue.










Not sure I am ready to share what I am working on now. I can say that it is about aging. Turning 56 has been a significant event in my life. Maybe because it marks the beginning of officially being an empty nester. Lately, I have spent far too much time thinking about what I can accomplish in the time I have left. How my life looks from this point going forward. I’ve always loved bringing my humor into my work but the truth is at this moment, if it’s there at all, it’s pretty dark. Thinking a lot about the parts of my life I no longer have or the things I dreamed of that I probably will never have. Fun, huh? Actually I am having fun. A lot of fun and I think it comes through in the work.

Stay tuned.