Artist Statement

A funny thing happened in 2020. I realized I was enjoying the shut down. Like a lot. It was the life of which I had always dreamt. Suddenly the world was aligned with my anti-social instincts.

I became hyper focused on my routines and relationships. With affection and tongue-in-cheek awareness of the tedium of life, I began paintings focused on the rut of 30 years of marriage, dogs in my personal space and staring at screens. I have often told stories, but I have never been more self-critical or in the moment.

I introduced warped perspectives into my compositions to create tension and humor and, in doing so, discovered I was also giving voice to my own anxiety. The disorienting perspectives became visualizations of my own busy brain.

My mixed media paintings use modest materials, such as cardboard, glitter, embroidery thread, and various clays to reflect the scale of the stories. When creating my sculptured paintings, I layer the materials into the oil painting base, building up the surface, making objects pop, and extend beyond the edge of the panel.

I also embellish bisque vases as “sequels” of my narrative paintings and a way to further challenge my storytelling goals.

I am inspired by artists such as Marisol and Faith Ringgold, who used folk art to simplify and subvert expectations and Grayson Perry for his irreverent humor. I also love the painterly interiors of Bonnard and Munch. What has emerged is a personal and clear eyed, if skewed, diary of my life.