Much like the new Pixar movie “Inside Out”, my new website is like a visit to the control center of my brain. All the things I make, from my embroidered artwork to my embroidered necklaces to paintings and prints, are here. All the things I think about are on my blog (except maybe stuff about dogs and baked goods). I can share news right on the Home page (see “What’s New” at bottom) and tell my story on the About page (It’s action packed. Trust me).

And what’s really super cool is that people can actually BUY stuff right from the website!

Right now the “shop” features my necklaces only but I plan to add selected artworks within days.

Having a new website with so many features is really exciting. If you visit, I hope you find it fun to use. Let me know if you see anything that you think could be better.

And don’t forget to bring some popcorn.