Is it really a week into October?

I’ve been working hard but maybe not always where I’m sposed to be working :”)

Started a new emoticon sampler and I’m just too darn excited about it to work on other stuff. After starting the “Lover’s Sampler” a couple weeks ago I decided it need a companion piece for the less cheery people amongst us. So the “Pessimist’s Sampler” was born. Creating a skull and cross bone symbol for the center, it is surrounded by little evil and sad faces, as well as the acronyms ADIH (another day in hell) and FML (F** My Life). Of course it’s on black fabric but I’ve developed a new technique for the thread that I’m loving too.


A new portrait is almost done.


Hoping no big issues come along this week to pull me away from the needle. Son has a school play at end of week and the girls are trying to finalize their dates for coming home for the holidays but I welcome those distractions. It’s cool fall weather, my favorite, so time for the dog and I to get cozy on the couch.