View from Maine House


Oil on Canvas
10” x 10”

Celebrating a milestone birthday, I was lucky enough to be invited by my best friend’s other best friend to their family home on North Haven, Maine. I’d never been to Maine at all and North Haven felt very very far away. After flying into Boston, we took a tiny little plane to Rockland, where our friends picked us up by boat for an hour’s trip to the island. The house has been in the family for generations and it has weathered many stories, I’m sure. Walking around I felt like I had been transported inside the brain of some blue blood novelist. It was my first time sailing which was wonderful. My first time catching lobsters for dinner, which I hate to admit I loved. We explored the many coves and beaches and seals by motorboat. And yet the sun rising over the water as seen from my host’s front porch may have been the best sight of all.




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