Paris Rooftops

Oil on Canvas
16” x 20” x 3/4″

Like many, I am in love with Paris. I was lucky enough to live there for 6 months my junior year of college. I lived in a very fancy neighborhood on the 5th floor of a large flat with a family that had lost their wealth and took in students to maintain their former status. They hated having us in their space and because my French was so poor they spoke to me only in English. My roommate was an unbalanced boy crazy young woman who was fluent in the language and would subject me to sleeping in the room with her while she had sex with her boyfriend. And yet, everyone of those less than perfect items blend together into the richest most perfect memory I could possibly have. I struggled and thrived. I learned to explore a city by myself. I met my best friend of the past 40 years. I traveled throughout Europe. I grew so much.

And nothing says Paris more to me than these grey/blue rain soaked rooftops.


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