Placing a custom embroidered pet portrait order

Before you place an order for a custom embroidery, please read these notes:

Check with me via email before placing an order to be sure I can complete your order in time for your needs.

Embroidery is a slow process. Please plan on 6-8 weeks to complete your order if I do not have other orders ahead of you.

Send me you best photos possible. And as many as possible! Please remember I can only create an embroidery based on your photo, not your actual pet. If you send me blurry images, I cannot see details. If your images are not accurately colored, your embroidery will be off color as well. Occasionally I must tell a potential client that the photo is simply unusable. Photos grabbed off Facebook or Instagram are often too small for me to enlarge so that I can see details. Please keep this in mind when submitting to me.

I typically send images when I am 90% done so that clients can ask for adjustments. Adjustments may include more accurate color shading in sections or a request to remove a spot or collar, etc. I am happy to accommodate these requests.