TMI (Too Much Information) is my next solo show at Packer Schopf Gallery beginning May 24 and continuing through July 6.

I will be continuing my exploration of youth culture as seen through social media.
There will be new never seen drawings based on found photos and text, as well as new colored portraits incorporating acronym messages.
As a painter I am really enjoying the process of creating these full colored portraits. The familiar quest to “capture” someone’s expression and
the challenge of layering colors to create a painterly like depth is a pleasant return to form. At the same time I’m fascinated by the evolution
of a new form of language created through emoticon, shortened spellings and acronyms. I want to continue exploring this with the emoticon
patterns I designed. I like the idea of taking these forms which were designed for use in digital technology, which have no “non-virual” existence
and expressing them through the very slow, deliberate, textural hand of embroidery.

The question is, how much can I get done in time for May?

My biggest challenge is a 48″ x 36″ “Family Portrait” hand embroidered on velvet.














A month out from the show and it’s starting to look like I can make it!

Here’s the center piece and here’s the beginnings of the gold filigree embroidery based on my emoticon patterns that will decorate the black velvet background.