Anti-Social Life Statement 

I create paintings that don’t easily fit into most genres. They are funny, figurative and narrative, with links to folk art and craft work. They encourage extended viewing and thought. My subject matter is my life, or lack thereof. I often let my dog provide drama where mine is lacking. I explore moments of anxiety, isolation, the rut of routines, relationships with adult children and a 30 year marriage.

The works are small to midsize oil paintings on panel with bas relief embellishments built onto them using cardboard, polymer clay, embroidery thread, glitter and anything else that remains from a life filled with art projects. The aim is to imbue these everyday stories with all the importance I believe they deserve. I am also curious to see how materials traditionally relegated to craft can co-exist with figurative oil painting. I also recently began transforming bisque vase forms into sculpted interpretations of select paintings.

Perspectives are warped. Shapes are misshapen. Borders are ignored. The effect can throw the viewer off, make them laugh, or both. A common response is that they have never seen any work like this before. I love hearing that I am creating something new.

I make art to connect with the world. When that art makes someone smile or nod their head in agreement, I know the connection has been made.