Dogs & More

Let me make a custom one of a kind hand embroidered necklace or hoop art of your favorite pet.

Dogs, cats, birds, fish, I’m happy to tackle your beloved bearded dragon if that’s what you want!

All I need is a photo to start. Hoop Art is available in many sizes. Necklaces are offered with a variety of cord materials and length options. I’m happy to fill special requests. 

All my necklaces are made with 1 thread at a time. Necklaces take anywhere from 9-12 hours to embroider. That does not include the assembly of the necklace. When creating hoop and square art pieces the thread count varies depending on size, detail and desired result. My hoop art and square art pieces typically require 3 full days of stitching or about 20-30 hrs.

To begin your custom order, all I need is a photo!

Please email me first for production time. It varies anywhere from 3-8 weeks.


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