Miller Gaffney and Carol Lee Brosseau.


I know the art world often needs help appealing to the masses, but did we really need to go this low?

New show on Ovation! Behind the scenes look at how art is REALLY sold 😉

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Get ready for Art Breaker$, Ovation’s new reality television show, focusing on two New York art advisors. Miller Gaffney and Carol Lee Brosseau are making a pretty hard sell in a promo video, in which they introduce themselves and together proclaim, “We’re the top art advisors in the country!”

“We travel the world in search of the chic-est galleries and the hottest artists,” they chirp.

See promo video here.

In episode one, which airs Sunday, October 4 at 8pm Eastern time, you’ll see the “art breakers” (Do they break any art? Do they mean brokers? Unclear!) scour the art world to find an artist they can commission to create artworks inspired by a new brand of tequila created by Saved By the Bell‘s Mario Lopez.

The show promises a look inside the art world, which is, predictably, described as “seemingly impenetrable.”

Gaffney and Brosseau are promoted in the video as holding MFAs from Sotheby’s—while Sotheby’s offers a master’s degree in fields such as art business, contemporary art, and American fine and decorative art, it does not offer a Master of Fine Arts, which is an art-making degree. Yeah, I guess the art world is pretty impenetrable, what with having to get all these letters right!

In a studio, an unidentified man points out some large artworks, seemingly paintings on canvas, while saying, “All the drawings you see is AndyWarhol.” The works resemble nothing we’ve ever seen by Andy Warhol. 

Gaffney, according to her site, is a veteran of Upper East Side gallery L’Antiquaire & The Connoisseur and Art + Auction magazine, and has appeared on the PBS hit show Antiques Roadshow as well as Market Warriors. She’s run her own art advisory since 2006.

Before starting her art advisory business, Brosseau managed painter Caio Fonesca’s studio and was a director at San Diego’s Joseph Bellows Gallery, later serving as a specialist at Julien’s Auctions in Los Angeles.

I’m sure Jerry Saltz could have some fun with this one.