Anti-Social Life

As a classic introvert, the Pandemic allowed me to live a life of which I had only dreamt. No appointments, no lunches, no parties. Even phone calls dried up.

This collection began in January 2021 as a form of Covid diary. I was able to focus on the small moments that make up a day. My dog barking, the house I walk past, a knotty tree. As the world opens I am committed to keeping my eyes on “the small picture”.

Painting these moments force me, and I hope the viewer, to “realize life while we live it” (to quote Thorton Wilder).

The scenes are rendered not as they are, but as they appear in my mind with influences of outsider and pop art such as flattened shapes, distorted perspectives and romanticized palettes. Primarily oil paintings, 3D elements such as cardboard layers, polymer objects, thread and glitter infuse the scenes with my humor, humanity and unique look at the world.

Please feel free to reach out to with any questions regarding my contemporary mixed media oil paintings. Commission inquiries welcome.