In the blink of an eye it seems I have been to Art Basel and New York and back. I am now at home, enjoying the few days I get with my college aged daughters and my whole family together. My younger daughter has already started her daily baking ritual so I’d better be getting my hands busy embroidering something to keep me out of the kitchen.

Still trying to process Miami. Too big. Too overwhelming. Too hot for all the clothes I brought. Is it a once in a lifetime experience? Or should I be returning if I can on a yearly basis? I’m still not sure. So I’ll begin with New York.

NYC is my home away from home. For some reason my brother and many of my dearest friends have wound up there so any visit to NY is filled with joy and love. Being there at Christmas time (Santa Con!) only adds to the magic. Being there for an art opening is off the charts awesome.

Muriel Guépin Gallery looked beautiful. It looks empty because it was after the show closed. It was actually packed during the reception!

























Celebrity sighting! Is that Nancy Josephson? Was so honored she and Jan Huling came.











My lovely daughter and her friends followed by my lovely husband and my lovely daughter’s lovely freshman roommate…














My other lovely daughter travel weary from just arriving from the UK. Thank goodness for the bench!











Iviva Olenick enjoying Nathan Vincent’s “Be Good for Goodness Sake”, complete with security cameras, park bench and grass. Someone even brought a dog in, for the grass, I assume.

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Iviva Olenick’s sweet embroideries