Ashley Blalock

Artprize 2015 is well under way and if I could put all of you in a bus and take you to Grand Rapids, I would.

Artprize is the art show for people who don’t like art. My husband, who grudgingly accompanies to far too many art events, had a ball as there is literally something for everyone. But it’s also a place to see extraordinary works of skill and concept. 

When it started seven years ago it seemed like the worlds biggest outdoor fair, full of art created for the masses by the masses.

But after years of crowd pleasing religious icons and cute animals winning the grand prize last year this installation won:

Anila Quayyum Agha

It now seems as though anything is possible at Artprize.

Processing Fiber at 250 Monroe is the show I am participating in. It looks so awesome and I don’t even know if I’ll get a chance to see it.

According to the press it’s a “hidden gem” which is code for “hard to find. And indeed, it is in a office building and up a flight. Hopefully the great press it’s getting will get people in.

ArtPrize jurors have announced their shortlists of nominees for their awards and 250 Monroe is up for outstanding venue, as well as Constructing on Deconstructing  (below) at 250 Monroe, by Carolina Borja and Amy Toscani from Minneapolis, MN in the installation category.

Let me know if you go. Take pictures and please share!

Here’s links to press and some images from Processing Fiber.

Whisper by Emily Kennerk (L) and Amie Adelman (R)

Finding some hidden gems at artprize

Artprize announces jurors shortlists publics top 25