It’s beginning to look a lot like gift giving season! 

I’ve been falling behind in my self-designed schedule to post interesting news in the art world due to the fact that I’m too busy making some damn art! A problem I will gladly suffer thru. And when I say suffer, I have the calloused and pricked fingers to prove it.

Studio director overseeing production

The lovely thing about these threaded dog portraits is how meaningful they are to the recipients. We all know how devoted people are to their pets, but I get such touching requests from people. Gifts for a friend who lost their precious dog. Or a special remembrance from the owner him/herself. Of course, most of my commissions are gifts for dogs and cats that are very much alive and kicking, and scratching and barking. And I’ve never met a dog face I didn’t love, so this is a great gig for me!


So I’m am crankin’ them out as fast as…, well, not very fast. It’s truly impossible to hand embroider quickly. Thank goodness there’s a new golden age of television because it is the background sound to my workday. Ask me anything about any show (excluding vampires and pscho killers), any show, I dare ya, go ahead and ask me. 

Anyway, I hear the dogs calling for me so it’s back to the needle (and the damage done…).

If you’re interested in having me create a piece for you, please send me note soon. We can talk about what you want and make sure I get you into the line-up.

That’s it for now. Pets Rule!