Two weeks from tomorrow I’ll be on a plane to Miami for my first ever Art Basel experience. And since next week will be a blur of turkey and family, my departure date seems even sooner. Today’s errands include HomeDepot for some packing insulation and then the UPS Store for boxes. While I only have to deliver work to my Chicago gallery in bubble wrap, I need to ship the work to NYC myself.

It’s so strange when you’re finished working after such a long period of constantly working. It doesn’t feel right and I’m circling around looking for what I should be doing next. Knowing all the while that I should take time off to clean the house, do laundry, enjoy my family or do some other business venture that’s always in the back of my mind, since the business of art is surely one of the lowest paying jobs one can have.

But my hands just want to be busy creating. And my mind won’t stop. In fact the only time I really feel at peace is when I’m in the process of art making.

In any case, I’m excited to send my new pieces out into the world. But here’s a sneak peak at “No Pants”, “Selfie with Belly Pierce” and “Dinner with Parents”. These 3 are heading to Muriél Guepin Gallery NYC:

No Pants

Dinner With ParentsSelfie with Belly Pierce