This collection began in January 2021 as a form of pandemic diary. I was able to focus on the small moments that make up a day. While the work appears whimsical, under the humorous facade lies a sense of alienation and loneliness. And the emptiness that comes with the sameness of our daily routines.

I am looking to explore the simplest most banal moments of daily life and create drama and surprise where there appears to be none. I am inspired by Outsider artists and the lack of pretense that permeates their work. I want the viewer to feel like they are listening to me tell them a story, with all my self deprecating humor and imperfections.

The scenes are rendered in an alternate reality with either or both 3 dimensional elements and flattened shapes, as well as multiple and forced perspectives to help guide the viewer through the narrative.

I work with an awareness that fine art and lo-craft do not typically co-exist in a painting. I find this tension intriguing. And it inspires my use of materials such as cardboard, clay, thread and glitter to infuse the scenes with my humor, humanity and personal look at the world.