1. When I was 6, my 1st grade teacher called up my parents and told them they needed to get me a dog. Which they promptly did. You didn’t say no to my first grade teacher.
  2. I’ll probably never realize my dream of singing a solo in a Stephen Sondheim musical onstage.
  3. I used to take my guitar into the mountains while a student at University of Colorado and pretend I was Dan Fogelberg. I also made elaborate halloween costumes, as seen below.
  4. When I was a little girl I really really wanted to be Dorrie, the little witch from Patricia Coombs’ children’s book series.
  5. I also would’ve settled for being Stuart Little.
  6. I made elaborate houses and castles for my dolls and animals out of cardboard.
  7. I still have my childhood stuffed animal “Flopsy” in my closet.
  8. My first commission was to paint an owl for the the newly anointed “Owl Room” at West Ridge Grade school when I was 10.
  9. While I knew I was gifted in being able to make a tree look like a tree and so on, I never thought I could be an artist. I didn’t think I was visually creative enough. I thought that way until I was about 35.
  10. My real dream was to be an actor. In fact, I pursued acting in my late 20’s and was in 7 productions in 2 years. Then I met my husband (through theatre), got married and started having kids but always intended to go back to acting. Once I started making art, it felt like a much more compatible creative pursuit.
  11. I worked as a copywriter at some of the largest advertising agencies in Chicago for 10 years after graduating college. I tended to date my jingle writers.
  12. While I loved being a copywriter, I was way too sensitive to adequately navigate the large corporate world. It was a fantastic ride thru my 20s though.
  13. I have the most awesome collection of autographed photos of television stars of the 60’s and 70’s (see above). I spent my childhood writing fan letters and waiting for responses. If my house ever catches on fire, it’s the first thing I’m grabbing. First thing.
  14. I am very proud of my 3 creative children, though my son is rebelling against me by being a business major.